"... With over 200+ races a day, I'm going to show you how to take a small piece of the profit from just a few of them... "


Over the course of a 24-hour day, there are 200+ greyhound races on Betfair. If you combine the UK and the Australian races, you will find that there is greyhound racing on the go for about 15-18 hours, of that 24...
My Fellow Punters,

If you've come to my web site thinking that you're going to get rich quickly or get rich over night, you've come to the wrong place. Close this web site. If you've been in the betting game for any amount of noteworthy time, you'll know that it takes hard work to make consistent profit.

My name is Steve X and for the past 15 years, I've been pulling consistent profits from the greyhound markets. I don't bet too big, but I bet enough to take a decent profit each day that I do bet. Over time, I have tweaked and perfected the strategies that I use.

When I first got into greyhound betting, Betfair only let you bet on the tracks in the UK and there weren't that many of them available to bet on either. Back then, you could find some form on the internet, but not close to as comprehensive as you can find these days.

" I didn't always know betting success "

When I say I started 15 years ago, I wasn't making any profit. I worked a day job so I could only bet on the evening greyhound races.

The form guides weren't as comprehensive as I have mentioned, there weren't as many betting opportunities and in general, it was a lot harder to profit from greyhound racing.

I was basically losing my money quite easily - not big amounts, but I was a consistent loser when it came to Betfair so trust me when I say this, I know how it feels when it comes to the hardships of a punter.

... and that's why I want you to join me


Don't you finally want to stop spending your money on garbage?

I can't actually tell you how much money I spent on betting. This was in the early 2000's. I wasted so much money on rubbish tipsters. I wasted so much money on betting books and systems. It was frustrating because it felt like it was possible to achieve something when it came to betting.

Join me if you want to...

Discover how to use betting as a tool to make a second income stream?
Learn the methods I use to make a consistent income from greyhound racing?
Stop wasting money on self-proclaimed gurus who never deliver profits!

What is the Greyhound Lay System then?


Simply put - the greyhound lay system is going to teach you how to pick losing dogs. My 50+ book is going to show you how to earn a second income stream from the UK or the Australian greyhound races.

As I am sure you are well aware, the introduction of lay betting via Betfair brought along with it a new way to approach betting - from the view point of betting as the bookmaker.

So, for anyone who doesn’t know, a lay bet works like this:

To start off with we bet on a greyhound to lose a race rather than to win.
So, say if I say this greyhound at 3.00 is going to lose a race, I put a £10 LAY bet on it.

If that greyhound fails to win, I win £10 in profit.

I used to only back greyhounds to win...

For years, I was only interested in picking winners when it came to greyhound racing. It didn't dawn on me until years later, that in a race containing 6-10 dogs, it's probably quite easy to pick a dog of my choice NOT to win!

If you were unaware, Betfair carries greyhound races from several countries. There are over 200+ races a day, meaning that there are a huge number of opportunities to implement my system. Races run from the early hours of the morning all the way through to late at night, meaning there is always a chance to implement the systems.

F orm became more comprehensive and the most crucial factor of all, is that I had a friend who worked in the greyhound industry. He wasn't anyone of interest, but he worked on the ground so he used to share a whole host of tips and tricks with me.

I grew my knowledge, I grew my understanding of betting, statistics and the greyhounds in general. It wasn't over night, but as the years went by, my methods were tweaked to become more consistent and less prone to the "random losing bets".

Recently, I compiled this all into a 50-page manual, which covers 3 methods. 2 methods are dedicated to picking lay bets and there is one very simple back betting method. All of these methods have been used by me for years and have yielded consistent profit.


You WILL learn to profit consistently.


Everything covered in full details

You'll learn how to make consistent profit from the greyhound races

Exploit the untapped 200+ markets a day

You can start with a bank of as little as £100

Three betting systems related to making money from the greyhounds

Works on English and Australian greyhound races (+ anywhere else in the world)

Full 8-week money back guarantee.

Permanent customer support via e-mail


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know anything about betting or greyhounds?
A: No, you don't. I will teach you everything from scratch. All you need to be able to do is follow simple instructions.

Q: Can I use any bookmaker or betting site?
A: This system has two parts. For the laying methods, you require a Betfair account. For the backing method, you can use any bookmaker that offers greyhound racing.

Q: What format is this system?
A: It's a downloadable e-book which you will receive immediately.

Q: What does it cost to buy?
A: £35 - this is a once off fee

Q: Is there a money back guarantee with this system?
A: I'm so confident in my system that I am offering you a full 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked, no quibble.

Q: What starting bank do I need?
A: In the manual, I recommend a minimum bank of £100. If you want to make some decent profit then I recommend starting with a larger fund. It's truly up to you. Once you see how the system works, you may feel confident putting more money in to bet with bigger stakes.


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There isn't much more for me to say.

I've told you everything I can about my Greyhound Lay system. You will gain instant access no matter what time you purchase. You will be redirected to your download link immediately and you can start learning the systems within the next few minutes.

The £35 fee is a drop in the ocean compared to what you can make from this system. You will be able to make back the cost price of this book within your first few bets. What are you waiting for?

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